Atelier de Troupe - NEW – Pedregal Sconce
Atelier de Troupe - NEW – Pedregal Sconce

NEW – Pedregal Sconce

The PEDREGAL LANTERNE series is inspired by the distinct modernism and materials explored by Mexican architect Luis Barragan's work at the Pedregal Gardens, a dense lava field outside Mexico City which formed thousands of years ago.

Generously scaled parchment lampshades secured by hand-stitched leather lacework. The lanterne emits a soft light that washes over the hand finished hardware.

Please inquire for pricing.


W 10in (40.6cm) x D 5in (40.6cm) x H 14in (71.1cm)

15 1/2 in (39.4cm) W x 6 in (15.2cm) D x 10 1/2 in (26.7cm) H

Other sizes can be considered.

Parchment lampshades with hand-stitched leather lace
and hand finished brass or silver patina hardware.


NEW – Pedregal Sconce